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The workforce is the key to success. The legal architecture of employment can be supportive in building success, or can prove to be a source of significant risk, often over-seen by the employer. We advise employers who are at the stage of modelling solutions, on the future, and help them respond effectively to crisis situations. Employer-support is one of the key segments of operations of LCBC.

The scope of our services covers the resolution of problems in the field of individual and collective labor law as well as general employment law. We are involved in the creation and negotiation of contracts, including those for management (employment contracts, manager contracts, manager options, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements). We support discussions and relation-building with trade union organizations (including those concerning collective labor agreements). We develop and implement in-house employee regulations, as well as evaluate, optimize and process changes to existing regulations.

Lead advisor: Kinga Muras
T: +48 536 992 929
@: office@lcbc.pl

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